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Posted by admin | | Monday 13 July 2009 9:59 pm

Getting in shape is not easy and your body will resist the training.  That’s basically the way you build muscle: your body rebuilds itself from the paces you put it through.  You can expect to experience some discomfort and nausea, and if it gets to be too much, lower your repetitions or go a little easier on them.  Here are some useful tips to keep you going:

Muscle Soreness

The most common mistake in working out is over-doing it.  Your body might not respond to the heavy workout until later, even after a few days.  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a common problem.  Make sure that you’re doing the exercises in proper form and repetition and make sure to stretch after each exercise.  If you experience soreness and a reduced range of motion, take it easy on yourself.  Allow your body a chance to recover from the intense training, especially if you are new to the program.

Post Workout Nausea

Waves of nausea can happen for some people after they sweat through a challenging workout.  Do not induce vomiting, even though your body might try to.  If it happens, don’t panic, just drink plenty of water and take it easy.  Try running your hands under cold water to cool off and sit still for a while.  It might seem to get worse before it gets better, but your nausea should pass if you take a moment to breathe through it.  You might be able to avoid nausea by staying hydrated, and warming up and cooling down.

Do Plyometrics on an Empty Stomach

Don’t eat within an hour before or after plyometrics or you may suffer painful cramping.  Plyometrics are an intense workout; make sure to treat them seriously.

Stick to the Diet

Don’t hide your muscles behind flab.  There is no day off for the diet, and eating right is a lot easier than doing a series of pull-ups.  In fact, it’s what makes those pull-ups possible.  When you hear about athletes eating high calorie diets, they are pushing their bodies to the extremes to burn off those calories.  If you simply eat a well-balanced meal and stick to the calorie plan provided in the P90X workbook, you will lose unwanted pounds while you put on muscle.  Don’t skimp out and eat less just to lose weight, that will come naturally as your body adjusts to the new demands you’re putting on it.  It’s like you’re telling your body: I want to look good, so I’m giving you good food.  Your body will work with you instead of storing up all of those calories.

Involve Your Family

You might find yourself with a healthy addiction to fitness.  If your workouts are causing you to lose time with your family then you may want to rearrange your workout schedule to involve your family or to workout when they’re busy.

Rest Days

Schedule your day off when you would normally work, since you’re probably going to be inactive on that day.  If your job is active then you may want to schedule a day off when you can really give your body a chance to rest.  Rest is essential for building muscle, so do not try to throw an extra workout in on your day off.

Listen to Your Body

If you still have concerns that seem to go beyond the usual discomfort associated with athletic activity then you should consult a physician to make sure you’re in a healthy zone.  This system is not a re-habilitation program.  If you have a pre-existing condition or if you feel that a problem is developing you should seek medical attention immediately.  This is an extreme workout and it is designed to make you sweat and challenge the limitations of your body.

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  1. Comment by Ameatabh Bachan — November 12, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

    On week 3! The muscle soreness is kind of fun, I don’t get it in my legs anymore, and believe it or not I miss it! The nausea sucks though. Without junk it is difficult to cram in all those calories required. chicken and rice is quite filling, I have to supplement with shakes to make up the missed calories. Don’t look my ideal yet, but I feel like superman!!!! Thxs Tony

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