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Posted by admin | | Monday 13 July 2009 9:57 pm

Exercise can be a boring chore unless you can bring humor and variety to the workout.  Tony Horton uses his sense of humor and vitality to make his workout enjoyable and dynamic.  Most people start on a program and then look for excuses to stop.  Tony’s philosophy is make it fun, whether it’s playing on the beach or stretching out your calves.

Muscle Confusion

The P90X system brings balance to your physique by stimulating each muscle group in small amounts in a variety of ways so that instead of reaching limits, the body continues to find new tissue to develop in order to accommodate the unique challenges that you give it. While you develop new muscles, your body never plateaus, so you end up developing a complete body workout. Putting variety in your workout also keeps your muscles guessing.  When you see a runner’s calves or a sailor’s forearms you can see what serious running and cranking can do to your body if its workout is limited to a small area. 

Performing a dynamic workout of muscle confusion means that you will always be trying something new with each workout. Even if an exercise is familiar, the order that you do it in and the exercises before and after will keep the workout fresh and new, so that you stay mentally engaged and energized.

Muscle confusion is akin to cross training, but instead of a series of long workouts in a variety of disciplines, it’s a quick workout in many disciplines. Muscles learn to build more tissue by working blood into them and repairing the small amount damage they sustain. Too much damage can result in a major set-back, so it’s important to regulate your workout with reps that you can handle. Muscle confusion provides the edge that less nimble workouts cannot by limiting the stress on any given set of muscles while stimulating muscles that you might not otherwise have reached.

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