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Posted by admin | | Monday 13 July 2009 7:30 pm

In 1983, Tony Horton was a successful personal trainer for celebrities and executives in Hollywood.  Tony was able to parlay his fitness skills and his sense of humor and energy to get the most out of his clients.  His invigorating style made him the ideal choice to head up his own fitness program with Carl Daikler of Beachbody.  Tony had devised working strategies to get the most out of a workout for the busy elite.  One day over lunch, Tony’s friend Carl proposed that everyone should be able to get a full workout without a trainer, weights or access to a gym.  Carl wanted to see how Tony could incorporate all of the best disciplines in the fitness industry into one total workout.  Tony took that as a challenge and developed the P90X system.

The P90X system provides the guidance of a personal trainer without the expense or scheduling.  Now it is used the world over by fitness professionals, athletes, celebrities, and now anyone with a DVD player and the dedication to take control of their fitness.

The concept was simple: work muscles from different directions and in different ways so that the body builds more tissue to handle the rigorous needs put upon it. Within 90 days, ripped muscles were developed and ready for action, whether for a sport or to simply have functional strength.

People caught on, and the program became a hit. While other “fitness” programs focused on losing weight, Tony’s program focused on getting fit. Making the program about fitness has been the cornerstone of Tony Horton’s philosophy of building a body that will do what you want it to do.

When Tony Horton was personally training one-on-one all of those friends, colleagues, clients, and athletes, he had no idea that his techniques would travel around the world, far beyond the confines of that mirrored gym back in 1983. Now the P90X program has brought a new body and a new lease on life to thousands of people who wanted to see what they might look like if they pushed themselves to the limit and found the body they wanted. Tony’s attitude has always been that we all have the body we deserve, but if we work at it and push ourselves, we can have the bodies we desire.

In the crowded market of diet and fitness programs, the P90X system stands out for its effectiveness and interdisciplinary variety.  Tony incorporated all of his favorite exercises, including Yoga, plyometrics, martial arts, and cardio.

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