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Eating Tips to Maximize P90X Results

Posted by admin | Nutrition | Monday 7 November 2011 4:37 pm

Even if you’re very familiar with the P90X Nutrition Plan (and stick to it), there are still a ton of other factors involved in managing how, when and why you eat. Often, those can be just as important as the food and type of calories that you eat. We’ve put together a few of the most important ones below.

Start nice and easy
Eating right isn’t a race. Don’t immediately change everything about your diet. It’s much better for you (and your physiology) to take a week or two to gradually adopt a better food profile. Think of it as weaning off of your old eating habits.

Don’t prohibit specific types of food
It’s great to carefully follow the P90X diet, but the worst thing you can do it completely abolish some of the treats or rewards you’ve grown accustomed to. If you want to spoil yourself with an apple pie or a bit of candy every so often do it. Completely blocking certain foods just sets you up to constantly crave them, usually doing more harm than good. Just be cognizant that if you do splurge every so often, you have to keep up with the exercise part of the program!

Get your greens
You’ve heard it all your life, and there’s good reason for it. There’s no food type that packs as much nutrition. Supplements and vitamins can take you part of the way there, but there’s no substitute for the real deal. Make sure you eat plenty of broccoli, cabbage, kale, lettuce, etc. There are a ton of recipes out there, so even if you don’t like them raw, there’s absolutely no excuse for not incorporating them into meals or other food you do like.

Learn how to eat better, literally
Some people eat as fast possible, others don’t chew their food completely. How you eat really makes a difference. If you don’t completely chew your food, you’re not letting your body properly break down the vitamins and nutrients. Digestion begins in your mouth (salivary enzymes start it off), so give your body every chance possible to grab all the nutrition from the food it possibly can.

Eat with others when possible
Connected to the last section, eating with others really helps the digestive process. It’ll force you to eat slower (you don’t want to talk with food in your mouth do you? :)) and there’s scientific literature that says eating with friends or family improves the efficiency of digestion. So, wait a few minutes and find some time to catch up with others over a nice dinner.

Get the Right Types of Proteins
Protein is not created equally. You can get it from animals, plants and artificially as well. If you’re eating a high chicken or fish diet, try mixing in leaner proteins from beans (black and garbanzos for example) and nuts (almonds, pecans, etc).

In the end, we all want to get the very best results from the P90X program – you just need to make sure you balance the nutrition program with sound and practical eating techniques. In no time, you’ll be super fit, ripped AND healthy from the inside out. Good luck!

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