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A Deeper Look Into P90X Core Synergistics

Posted by admin | Program | Thursday 10 May 2012 12:26 am

One of the most important parts of any smart muscle-building (and fitness) program lies with strengthening your core. It’s the “glue” to the larger muscles and P90X features it via the P90X Core Synergistics workout system. It’s tagged with the name “Synergy” because it does just that: improve the ability and strength of all the muscles that connect to your core (which is essentially all the primary groups, large and small). In this article, we’ll review the most important parts of the program and how they fit into the rest of your regimine.

Get Your Muscle Groups Involved

There are a handful of muscles targeted, but the main groups involved are abs, transverse abs and obliques:

Upper and Lower Abs – from squats to lunges and intense reaches, Synergistics taxes a wide range of your ab muscles and does so relentlessly. Position is key, so make sure you closely match the video and feel the burn in the target areas.

Transverse Abs – these are the muscles that support your upper and lower abs (ie, transverse through them). They’re widely under-appreciated and if they’re not tout, you’re more susceptible to injuries and early fatigue.

Oblique Abs – this set is more widely known and is a bit easier to isolate during your reps. Core Synergistics packs in a variety of twisting and torque-type motions to favor all these key muscles (and when they’re toned, gives your midsection excellent definition).

Workout Philosophy

With good reason, a lot of people dread having to work their trunk and abs — it can be uncomfortable, time-consuming and you usually don’t see immediate results (compared to biceps/triceps). That being said, it’s important to make an effort to change that mindset. Think of it as a gateway to maximizing your results and you just may find the extra motivation to finish off each set with gusto!

Variety of Workouts

Core Synergistics combines a ton of different workouts, including the Squat X-Press, Walking Push-up, Superman Banana, Bow to Boat, Lunge & Reach and more. Of the entire lot, my personal favorite is the Prison Cell Push-up. It involves bringing your knee near your chest as you perform a push up, then gradually standing yourself up with only your arms. It’s challenging and actually fun to compete against your friends. :)

Bottom Line

You can’t build a house without a rock-solid foundation and the same philosophy applies to P90X. With good reason, Core Synergistics is one of the first programs new P90Xers start with and it’ll remain a mainstay throughout the entire 90 days. Learn to enjoy the workouts and, without fail, it’ll boost the results you get from the rest of the program.

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