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How did Tony Horton invent the P90X program?

Posted by admin | Program | Friday 3 August 2012 3:37 am

If you’re here, you’re probably either really interested in P90X or already a fan. It’s changed many lives over the years, but how did it come about? It’s a pretty interesting story… Back in 2001, Beach Body (the company behind P90X, Insanity, etc) asked Tony to come up with his own take on a full tilt home fitness program. At the time, Tony was a pretty successful personal trainer helping out A-list celebs such as Tom Petty, Ewan McGregor, Billy Idol, etc. He was already developing custom programs for his clients and Beach Body took note. After a few months in development, Tony came up with the basics of the Power 90 program, an in-home high energy program that would eventually become the precursor to P90X. Jump to 2004 and Tony thoughts on exercise techniques and plateau triggers had evolved quite a bit. The first real program to maximize the muscle confusion philosophy, P90X was born soon thereafter. A revolutionary mix of cross-training, karate, kick-boxing and more, P90X shook up the entire fitness industry. With Tony’s infectious personality and background in physiology, each video ends up being a perfect complement to the previous and keeps even the most exercise weary […]

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